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What Customers told Carl ...

What Customers told Carl ...

about our customer service

Just when I thought old-fashioned customer service was obsolete, I encountered a refreshing reminder that there are some companies out there ( like Carl and Me) that not only offer good quality products but add a personal touch - something the internet has distanced for shoppers. I placed an order with your company for Fagus toys and one item, which did not appear connected to the others, warranted a phone call from Karen to make sure I had ordered what I needed. We had a lovely conversation which not only added that personal touch but also was very helpful to me for future orders. I have two grandsons who love wooden toys and not only did I get everything I ordered, I was gifted an additional item, with which my grandson was very happy!

I want to thank you for making my shopping experience, with your company, a memorable as well as successful one. My order was shipped very quickly and everything was perfectly packaged and organized. I look forward to doing business with you again.

Linda C.

about a Fagus Marble run

We have just opened the XXL Fagus Marble run and LOVE it. We also ordered the Heart, the Star, the acrobat, and the spiral. What a fun toy. The acrobat is very cool. The star and the spiral are fun. It is great to watch how they all have different speeds. May I add that my 18 month old is very excited about his older brother's new Fagus XXL Marble run. So much so, that after he gets a marble on the track, he claps his hands and dances around in a circle. Your toys are good fun!

I also want to let you know that when I placed this order, I spoke with somebody, maybe Karen, she was extremely nice and helpful. This has been a pleasant experience purchasing from Carl and me.

Jeanne S.

about the NEW Fagus Unimog with Crane, Sweeper and Gritter extensions

Wow! You are a great business!

Thank you for your kind attention and generosity. I totally missed the $6 rental and plugging in my discount. My son is in love with the Fagus products. We are spending his birthday with his grandparents in the San Fran area. We live in Brooklyn, as you may know. We are taking 2 1/2 weeks to drive across the country.

Thank you again for your service. It is outstanding!

Leslie N.

about the NEW Fagus Car Transporter

Just had to send you a quick note...

Usually our UPS lady comes around lunchtime, but I suppose she had a different route yesterday. By dinnertime, Caleb was standing at the door staring out longingly. He had been there about five minutes when we heard yelling "She's here!! Here she comes!" Boy was that a stroke of luck. We tore open the package immediately despite dinner waiting on the table. And I don't think he's played with anything else since. He's even managed to drive both the big trucks (the transporter and the pallet truck) at the same time! He parked them near his bed so they could sleep with him last night. The quality makes them worth every penny. And with the exceptional customer service at Carl and Me, I know where all my pennies will be going!
Rachel L.

about delivering a pink 14" Retro Bike within two days the week before Christmas:

Thank you for all your help with the bicycle. It arrived today. I am very excited to get it put together. I very much appreciate your service.
Alicia M.

about exchanging one fagus trailer for another that fits the purchased tractor:

Thank you so much for the replacement! I will recommend your store to others because of your great customer service. Merry Christmas!
Kerrie E.

about a her questions concerning fagus toys and the order for her son:

Thanks for your awesome customer service and prompt shipment! We will definitely bookmark your site as a favorite!
Susan A.

about a set of fagus toys for her boys farm scene:

WOW! The toys arrived this afternoon...had to tell the boy they were tractor parts:) Couldn't wait for him to get to bed to open them. All I can say is WOW! These toys are amazing!! I came up with a theory a few years ago (Joey will be 7 next month) that the more packaging (ie: plastic molds, screws, ties) a toy had the shorter it would last! I loved that these toys had minimal packaging and are completely SOLID! They are awesome. It's like furniture to play with! Nothing flimsy or wobbly in the whole lot! Even Daddy who has a real firewood conveyor was impressed at the toy one! A real rubber belt like his too! I can't wait to see the boy's face light up Christmas morning...he's certain Santa is making the wooden toys in his shop as we speak...I think they will all be lined up under the tree with bows on. I'll be sure to send a picture and update once they have been properly tested by the Jr Farmer:o) Oh, and thanks for the hat...Daddy even enjoyed that:) Thanks for everything~
Katie N.

about a toy chest that had to be delivered for a birthday:

Thank you so much! You have a smart business attitude which is rare in 2008. It is an attitude like your that brings more business through client referrals & return business. I can honestly tell you I am already planning on a motorcycle for the first birthday & I certainly know where to go.
Have a great day!
Debbie B.