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VARIS 77 Parts Farm Set

VARIS 77 Parts Farm Set
Item# VARG117

Product Description

VARIS 77 Parts Farm Set
Varis #VARG117 - 77 piece Construction Set
Packaged in a cardboard box with handle
Dimensions: 2.75" x 7.5" x 10.2"

Varis is a unique, patented construction set that allows making log houses, castles, forts and also airplanes, doll's furniture or other things.

VARIS is a new line of natural wooden toys that stimulate a child's imagination and her or his creativity. The main feature of the toys is the assembly itself, which engages the child's mind and promotes the learning of a new skill in the coordination of mind and hands. Putting together quality and design VARIS LOCK system ensures tight construction that derives from perfect work of the single pieces.

All Varis toys are meet the US and European requirements.
Certificates for compliance with the CPSIA are available upon request.
All Varis products are FSC certified.