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NIC Wooden Toys - Creamobil Roller

NIC Wooden Toys  - Creamobil Roller
Item# NIC1838

Product Description

NIC Wooden Toys  - Creamobil Roller
NIC Wooden Toys of Germany make wonderful, classic toys for the smallest of hands. Only the best wood is used and the paints are all waterbased and therefore non-toxic. The workshop is renowned for it's high quality pieces, all designed to be simple, smooth and perfect. The Creamobil series stands out due to functionality and almost infinite combination possibilities. All products of the Creamobil series can be perfectly combined with each other. Children will love this series and want to keep adding on to it as they grow up.

These NIC Creamobil Roller is usable with the following models (sold separately):
Creamobil Short,
Long Base models,
Tractors with Two-Wheel Trailer .

Width: 7.1" Heigth: 3.2"
Recommended Age: + 12 months