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Matador Ki-R Wheels

Matador Ki-R Wheels
Item# MAT21230

Product Description

Matador Ki-R Wheels
Matador Ki R supplementary kit for endless pleasure of constructing.
Content: 8 Wheels in various colors and ten pins.

Matador constructions sets are manufactured in Austria out of untreated beech wood. Matador is available for two (2) age groups; Matador Ki for age 3+ years and Matador Klassik for age 5+ years.
The Matador Ki construction kits stimulate the moro and intellectual developement of our children. Wooden blocks (size 1.57"* 1.57") are adjusted to the size of little children's hands. The illustrated instructions enable children to independently build their constructions. The instructions also includes drawings in bright colors that explain how to use the tools. The coover of the boxes show examples of possible constructions.
Matador Klassik is composed of basic and supplement sets. The basic sets vary in the number and type of parts included and there fore in the number of different construction ideas they offer. The supplement kits enable the child to develop its constructiing abillities. Supplementary kits do not include tools, but contain more parts than one would need, just incase some parts get lost. The Connection kit V1 makees it possible to use the big Ki-parts together with the Klassik wooden blocks.